Our people aren’t just our greatest
asset, they’re yours too!

Automated Building Solutions, Inc (ABSI) is an automation company specializing in all aspects of direct digital control (DDC) in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. ABSI specializes in the Honeywell/WEBS line of Direct Digital Control/Energy Management products and systems.

ABSI is located in the southern Tech Center. We have been in this location since 2001. ABSI provides a full line of services for your Honeywell DDC system needs including: Sales/Service, New and Retrofit installation, Engineering/Design, Software programming/Technical support and implementation of Full Turn-key DDC systems. Direct Digital Control systems have been ABSI’s specialty since the inception of the business nearly 16 years ago. We have built our company based on customers needs with respect to lowering building Energy costs with the implementation of DDC systems.

Control of your HVAC equipment is the primary function of your DDC system. However ABSI has come to recognize that efficiency and return on investment is just as important to you, the customer. Your DDC systems and interfaces are how you see the systems. Your understanding of the DDC system as well as the mechanical portions is very important to ABSI in allowing your needs to be addressed. Therefore, we at ABSI strive to provide and apply necessary techniques to educate your Facility personnel to fully understand the DDC system as well as the HVAC equipment. The graphical representation of the DDC systems is as accurate as possible for maximum use of data and information in maintaining a Temperature controlled environment. ABSI also understands that the DDC systems have many potential uses for control of lighting, non-HVAC equipment, and monitoring of energy consumption all of which translates into lower building Energy costs.