ABSI supports the following products:

Niagara N4

This is Tridium’s latest revision of the Niagara platform. This is the latest offering from the innovating hardware/software product line. With little JAVA dependency, it has made browser access friendly again to all its users. All the integration power, cross platform communication, and infinite scalability the new N4 is sure to pave the way for years to come.

Niagara AX

The building block of the newly released N4 platform with all the features you are used to. Unparalleled integration and scalability of all systems, with easy to use/configure setup and programming tools, the AX system is sure be in the spotlight for many years to come. A lot of this product line is upgradable to the new N4 without losing any information and upgrading to new hardware.

XL5000 Systems

The XL5000 systems have been Honeywell’s lead commercial products since the early 1990’s. They have evolved from a proprietary communication based protocol to a LonWorks based. Most of the older XL5000 systems are compatible with new products with a few hardware adds or modifications. Most controllers are 100% custom programmable with the CARE software package. Scalable from a single controller system to hundreds of nodes communicating across IP networks, the XL5000 products have been Honeywell’s commercial solutions for many decades.